Yulian Lazovskiy


2004 Manager of the projects for the development of the department MSME lending of MDM Bank.

Since 2007 director of the branch network department in Rosenergobank. Member of the expert council on the banking sphere under the Ministry of Finances of the Government of Moscow.

2008 Vice president of Mikro Kapital s.a.r.l., where he has leaded in the greenfield construction of credit institutions in Russia, and later in South-Eastern Asia and Latin America. The foundedcompanies became market leaders in MSME lending and in financial technologies.

Anton Rukavisnikov


In 2001 founded winery and distillery, then created a food retail company with 20 locations, which was sold to X5 Retail Group. Since 2005 as responsible for business development has promoted a small local agricultural producer to the second position as of quantity of arable land in South Russia and to the third position as of production per ha in Russia.

Ruslan Gish

Chief Science Officer

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Head of the Horticultire Department of Kuban State Agrarian University. Total scientific and pedagogical background is 41 year. For the first time, he developed and scientifically substantiated the main know-how elements of mechanized cultivation and harvesting of pepper and eggplant, with a seedling culture, for the conditions of leached humus of the Western Ciscaucasia, including the seed selection, pre-sowing preparation of seeds, protection of seedlings from adverse weather conditions, optimal planting dates and plant density. The author of monographs and more than 30 scientific articles, has about 10 copyright certificates for inventions. Honored Scientist of the Republic of Adygea.

Francisco Borras Escriba


He was a top Manager at Anecoop S. Coop, during 40 years. 1985 he became a professor in the department of cooperative management, in 1991 he became a professor in the department of citrus cultivation and in 1992 he became a professor in the department of commercial distribution at the universities of Valencia. He is a professor of post-harvest courses at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Conducts invitational lectures at the universities of Bologna and Faro. He has a bachelor's degree in physical sciences from the University of Valencia. Since October 1, 2019 consultant on agri-food and associative issues.

Alexei De Los Llanos


He began his career as an administative manager at Frigoscandia. Prologis Group in 1999. Since 2002, he worked at Aneccop S. Coop and was rapidly moving up the career ladder. In 2009, he created and succesfully develops a company for the wholesale trade in food products and beverages, LLC Agricop, which is a subsidiary of Anecoop S. Coop

Victor Lazko

Chief Research Officer

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Leading Researcher, Head of the Laboratory of Gourds and Onions, Department of Vegetable and Potato Farming, Federal State Budget Scientific Institution of Rice. Total scientific and pedagogical background is 22 years. Since 2015, he has been leading the scientific research activities of applicants and graduate students. Head of practice and graduation projects of bachelors and masters of the Department of Horticulture of the Kuban State Agrarian University. Scientific interests: varieties study and propagation of onions and gourds, the use of physiologically active substances and foliar fertilizers during their cultivation, the creation of varieties of gourds.

Galina Barkova

Risk manager

Started career in Sberbank in 1996. Since 2002 was a business development manager in GazEnergoBank, focused on branch expansion and building of Credit Portfolio. In 2009 started in MikroKapital Russia as regional director and member of due diligence HQ team for merging and acquisition operations.

Andrey Nikityuk

Investment committee, Advisor

Since 2003 works in financial sector. Started in Citibank, than worked in Troyka-Dialog, first Russian wealth management company. In 2010 founded Concern General Invest (subsidiary of MikroKapitalsarl) as first CEO where has worked until 2016. Since 2017 until today is CEO in MDM wealth management company. Has the award as one of best managers in Russia.

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