The idea for the setup of the Agritech Investments specializing in the agriculture arose as a result of over ten-year experience in the business of providing credit facilities to the different enterprises including those in the Agrithech sector sphere. It's the combination of such real economy sector characteristics as well as the recent researches that make the optimal balance of stability, profitability and social importance of the projects and finally delivers a great opportunity for both Russian and foreign investors.

Most capital management companies look for volatile profits through the uncertain deployment of speculative strategies of stocks purchase and sales not connected with real tangible assets. The Agritech Investments offers a different and better alternative.

Agritech Investments invests into the real business only. It builds upon its first successful investments into enterprises founded since 2015 that are engaged with trading and provision of the services connected with the full agricultural cycle, from grain production and storage up to itsdelivery to the target customers.

Agritech will hold 100% or majority stakes in several companies producing, storing and selling grain and vegetables in Russia and Europe. Special attention is paid to levelling of all possible risks without losses in profitability including with the use of exchange instruments.

The Agritech Investments is registered in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


We believe that the development of agriculture is an area that requires close attention. Ontheonehand, it’s represented allovertheworldby the minor business needing support and being the base of the economy of the developed states. At the same time, it's necessary to remember that the destiny of the mankind relies on this business. It is in our responsibility how the next generations will live and what will be the future state of our planet.

By promotion of state-of-the-art technologies of precision farming, smart enterprises, environmentally friendly fertilizers and the plant protection products, we are strengthening the planet's ecology via protecting the remaining plough land, instilling a responsible approach to farming, helping entrepreneurs to reach a new level, and providing the necessary food for future generations.

Business model

Agritech Investments invests into the equity and debt of its own controlled companies. These companies are engaged with the full cycle of agricultural goods production, their exports and imports, infrastructural projects and associated IT innovation.

A share of the Agritech Investments is opportunistically allocated into high-turnover and high-yield opportunities that generate profits in the short termdue to mispricing and arbitrage opportunities in the grain trading supply chain.

The Agritech Investments will allocate into an increasing number of investments for diversifying of the risks, use of exchange-traded financial instruments for hedging currency risks and low volatility of raw materials price at such global exchanges, mainly Paris BourseMatif.

Where we work

The target investment areas are in the southern regions of Russia, located between the 44th and 45th parallels, with a climate similar or better to the ones of Lombardy and Aquitaine, just to make an example, thanks to which it is possible to harvest twice a year.

In particular, it’s the Krasnodar region that is one of the most important farming regions in Russia being the leader in gross agricultural production. The region stands on the first place in grain harvesting and sunflower seeds production.

Besides, we invest to the agriculture of Moldavia and Serbia, the major suppliers of cheap but doubtless quality products to Europe and Russia.

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