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Technology change every day - new one make previous obsolete the engines consume less and less petrol the stocks rise and fall in price. The growthof Earth’s population is the only thing remaining implacable, and growing consumption decreases the amount of land suitable for agriculture. This all makes the farming business not only socially important but also more and more profitable and on demand. Investment in agriculture, new agricultural technologies and improvement of the quality and ecological safety of food products are the keys to high profitability and unconditional contribution to the development of society and entrepreneurship. The peculiarity of Agritech Investments is careful selection of stable projects with minimal risks,as well asthe use of the complex of different approaches to their levelling.
of crops
We invest in the companies acquiring high-yielding land in the Russian major farming region, Krasnodar area, the only one producing the harvest twice a year. It's the guarantee of high profitability of investment.
Export and
internal sales
Agritech Investments owns a high capacity grain elevator. Its competence includes the export of grain, as well as services for the storage. The Agritech Investments also invests in companies that pack and supply fruits and vegetables to retail network in Russia and the world.
Projects of precision farming with the use of pilotless aerial vehicles and satellite images. The particular attention is paid to the use of IT technologies that turns the traditional business into smart farming. Another special mission consists in the development of environmental fertilizers.
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